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When a manufacturer makes a high quality product, high quality heat treating is an integral part of the process. Akron Steel Treating can provide you with high quality processing and the needed capacity for rapid turnaround. AST is proud to service over 1,200 different customers each year. AST's certified quality programs, ISO 9001:2015 and NADCAP(National Aerospace and Defense Contractor Accreditation Program), require documentation that all the heat treating processes were performed to the standard operating procedures, and to insure high quality heat treating on every job, every time. Whether you are making washers or rocket housings, your parts will receive extraordinary quality heat treatment at AST.

Open communication and a sharing of metallurgical information is a must for getting the correct physical properties for your parts. Our experienced, highly qualified metallurgical consultants will work closely with you to find the most cost-effective solution to your metal treating needs. The sophistication of our expanded 46,000 square-foot facility combines with seven decades of heat-treating craftsmanship in a true balance of experience with innovation.

Do you practice lean principles?  Are you working to attain a 360° part design?  You should partner with the experts at Akron Steel Treating Company!

Akron Steel Treating Company President, Joe Powell, has published and spoken about the impressive benefits that can be gained by working with your heat treater during your part design process.  There are many opportunities for cost and processing reductions leading to better parts at a lower cost in a faster time-frame!

Check out Joe's article in Heat Treat Today:

What's New at AST?

Yay!  Akron Steel Treating Company's NADCAP certificates have been renewed!  Check them out on our Quality page.

As 2020 marks the 77th year of business for Akron Steel Treating Company, please check out our newest YouTube video - A Timeline of Akron Steel Treating Company!